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Home for Christmas
Home for Christmas
When I finally left home for good, I moved to another city to take a year-long course in database programming. Before long, this course proved to be not only more intense than I had expected, but so boring that I began doubting whether I would even complete it.
As a matter of necessity, my leisure pursuits such as drawing and creative writing came to get less and less of my time. This soon made me realize just how important these activities were to me, and these restrictions began making the year even more difficult.
Somehow I occasionally found the time to go to a church near my apartment. As Christmas neared, some of the people I had met began making plans to produce a condensed stage version of  “A Christmas Carol.” Rehearsals would begin about the time my studies finished and my work term started, and this slight ease of pressure afforded me the luxury of participating.
When I auditioned I ended up with two roles, Fezziwig and one of the g
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I had just moved into a cheap rooming house to attend college, and was finding all this sudden anonymity unnerving. The building consisted of only two dozen small rooms in front and one dozen larger rooms in the back, but up to this point it was the largest collection of humanity I had ever shared an address with. I tried not to imagine all the unknowns living under the same roof.  
The long-haired young man in the room next to mine looked a bit scruffy, but after I talked to him, he seemed okay enough. He had the curious habit of never locking his door, not even when he went out. This made some sense when he pointed out he had nothing in his room for anyone to steal. It made more sense again when I learned that he had just been released from prison.  
Late in April, a charitable society began its yearly flower selling campaign selling to raise funds. I gave in to the impulse to buy a bunch of them.  
Home again, I popped the flowers into a glass and set
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Three Wishes
Three Wishes
It was one of the few classrooms in the Science Building with no windows. The furnace had served us well all winter, but now it was well into spring and no one had informed the heating system of this fact. In the stifling closeness, it was all I could do to stay awake, and the heavy-lidded faces around me told me I wasn’t the only one. The coffee had long since worn off and lunch time couldn’t come quickly enough.
The room was on the top floor of the Science building, a long climb up and a long way down again to the cafeteria. To add to our misery, the room didn’t even have a clock. I kept sneaking glimpses at my wristwatch, but the hands seemed to be stuck.  
It was nearing the end of one of those long mornings toward the end of a long semester. As the prof droned on and on, I wished this class would end so I could escape this dreary room and trade the tedium for lunch.
I was nearing the end of a course of studies that had taken longer than they s
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Challenge 12: #5 - Ghost
“May I go into that bookstore?”
Aya cast an amused glance down at her daughter’s eager, hopeful face peeking out from under her parasol.  With a click of her tongue, Aya gave her husband Septimus a knowing smirk.
“I told you we should have covered her eyes before we passed all of these books, she was bound to want to go in.” she gave her daughter a teasingly disapproving glance. Lear flushed, shame-faced and uncertain, the eagerness faltering.
“Yes, you were right.” Septimus sighed in a bored manner under his hat. “But you needn’t gloat, my love, just escort her inside.” He gave their son a slight pat on the back. “I don’t think the whole family needs to help Dadge with finding a suitable set of clothes.”
“Oh, MUST I?” Aya tossed her hair, grinning, taking her daughters hand in hers and squeezing it fondly. “Come along then Lear, if you must insist on dragging me in.”
Lear smiled
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Challenge 10: #21 - Tsundere
“I don’t like this place. That waiter was so RUDE!” Lear hissed in agitation from her curled up spot on the cushiony booth seat.
“Well… yeah.” Sybil agreed. “What did you expect from a Tsundere café?”
Lear choked sharply, staring at Sybil, wide-eyed. “a- a what?!”
“Trust me, you’ll like this place.”  Sybil grinned wildly, a gleam in her eyes. Lear cast her a stern look, raising an eyebrow suspiciously. This café looked far too highbrow to be reasonably priced, and there were young men in ties and black vests waiting on tables.
“Syb, I don’t think-
“It gets better.” Sybil cackled, rubbing her pale, bony hands together. “Just wait and see!”
They didn’t have long to wait, before a tall, blond man with neatly slicked back hair, and violet eyes strode over to the table, and Lear shrank so far into her booth she almost was eaten by the seat.
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Vampires - Rejection
"I didn't mean to make you miserable." she whispered, unable to meet him in the eye. she was already in enough pain, somehow trying to make eye contact with him didn't seem to be the best idea. 
"I just wanted a family again. I know I acted too hastily, but I'd been on my own and I was scared of letting you get away." 
Asher let out a derisive laugh, his large eyes glittering with scorn. "let me get away?" he laughed again. it was a harsh, unfriendly sound.  "You could have at least given me the opportunity to choose if I wanted to be with you like this." 
"I didn't know how to approach you." she gazed at her boots, shame faced. "I was just any old audience member... there wasn't any guarantee you'd notice me. I was afraid i'd never get the chance and lose you." 
He waved his hand dismissively, turning from her. he threw his words almost casually over his shoulder. "No. the real reason was because deep down you knew I'd never willingly accept you. why would any
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Shadow Puppets
Idleness breeds temptation.
I think.
It could breed anything it wants to. More idleness and nausea to name a few.
I've been in this isolation chamber for a while now, even though my last tantrum subsided as soon as it began.
Only, now I'm bored.
I was bored before but I was also frustrated and in pain. I managed to numb myself again without any help but I didn't mind being subdued either.
I'm an author who refuses to write. Not for anyone, myself or elites. There isn't any point in it when my words are gone.
Why write when there are no words? I need words.
There is nothing more painful than not being able to find a word, because it's gone and you can only find a fragment of nonsense that might be it but isn't right. Now I have an implant and I can't find it if I wanted to. Also I get a pain if I come anywhere close to finding the word.
My tantrum as they called it, was me attempting to bang my head into mush on a cafeteria table while digging my fingers into the back of my head to pry
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Working Late
Working Late
Kathy stepped out of her office, lips locked hungrily against those of her office manager. It had been a very long and hard day, so much so that the pair of them had to stay late together to finish up all the extra work.
Well, that was a load of bologna, but what other excuse did a secretary have?
Richard broke away from her, untangling his fingers from her pantyline. “I gotta get home.” he grunted, grinning at her apologetically as he redid his tie and fixed his collar. His moustache was rumpled in a sexy way that made her trail her tongue over her lips, savoring the lingering tickly feeling it had left.
She huffed poutily at him. “When are you going to call it off with that old bag?” she rolled her eyes, flouncing past him, making sure to sashay her hips so he could appreciate it.
There was a silence that made her turn her head to gaze at him suspiciously. He was avoiding her eyes, rummaging with his briefcase distractedly.
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